The governance in BIKE is realized through a strong management structure, encompassing following main bodies: a) the Project Coordinator, acting also as Project Manager (PC), the Work Package Leaders (WP Leaders), the ESRs’ Supervisors, the Thesis Committees (TCs) and the Supervisory Board (SB). This structure will take advantage of an Advisory group (AG), where distinguished international scientific representatives will be invited to participate and will be consulted on specific scientific topics.

Project Coordinator

The PC tasks have been divided into Research Training Management and Administrative Management, both under responsibility of the PC.

Research Training Management The Coordinator will keep systematic contacts with SB and will be regularly in touch with the WP leaders and the Supervisors to assess progress of the fellows training and research work, monitor progress towards milestones and deliverables and maintain a team spirit.

Administrative Management The Coordinator will perform, following EU Commission guidelines, a correct administrative management of the EU Commission funding, coordinate Partners in collecting periodic Technical and Financial Statements, follow legal and ethical issues and supervise the implementation of the dissemination and public awareness activities, fostering the involvement of all ESRs. In order to facilitate these operations the Coordinator will be supported by SigmaExperience, while WP Leaders will constantly monitor the respective WP progress towards the milestones and deliverables reporting results and difficulties to the SB and the Project Coordinator.

Financial management strategy. The EU funds will be distributed to the beneficiaries according to the final BIKE budget documents. Each beneficiary will receive funding to pay the ESR salaries and their allowances. Details of financial management will be included in the Consortium Agreement that will be signed before the Grant Agreement signature and start of the project. Each beneficiary will be required to manage its own funds, provide all the scientific and financial reports, (e.g., cost statement) at the appropriate time, and submit these to the Coordinator for compilation and submission to the EU Commission with the assistance of SigmaExperience.

Supervisory Board

The SB will ensure excellence in science, education and training by the contribution of the private and public sectors. The SB, together with the TCs, will drive the BIKE training programme by defining the requirements skills, monitoring the ESRs growth and ensuring a good balance between the research components and the training.

The Coordinator and, if required, the SB will work together to solve possible cases of conflicts of interest for the better solution for the project implementation, with special attention to possible failures or unexpected issues. The ESRs will form a regulated group to identify any obstacle to their research and career development, to discuss and share common practices and to suggest improvements to the SB. The SB will provide advice and support to the Project Coordinator in governing the scientific and training life-cycle of the project.